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Tempo-MiniTempo-mini, designed and developed by our French collaborators IFREMER, is a multi-instrument platform for studying deep-sea hydrothermal ecosystems. The oxygen sensor helps scientists detect hypoxia (low-levels of oxygen) and the iron sensor provides a series of high-frequency data to analyze iron and sulphide concentrations in hydrothermal areas. Tempo-mini is powered by an electrical unit and oil-filled junction box, and is even equipped with an anti-biofouling system to deter marine life from residing on the sensors and camera lens.

Tempo-mini's HD video camera is focused on a hot vent benthic community, providing a live view of interactions among tubeworms, scale worms, limpets, sea spiders, snails, vent fish, bacterial growths and other organisms in this unique hydrothermal vent ecosystem.

Live webcam video.

Instruments on this platform

Four scientific instruments are attached to this platform

Instrument List

Instruments positioned nearby

The following instruments and sensors are positioned on the hot vent near Tempo-mini:


Connected to Endeavour Ridge node on 29 Sep 2011 from the R/V Thompson.

  • Depth: 2186.0m
  • Lat: 47°56.9574'N
  • Lon: -129°05.8998'W
Overview map showing platforms and instruments at Main Endeavour Vent Field. (Click to enlarge.)


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Tempo-Mini at MTC
Tempo-mini during final configuration work at MTC, 6 September 2011.
Chemini Fe sensor
Close-up of Tempo-mini Chemini Fe sensor.
mooring base
Overheadview of Tempo-Mini site with RAS, 29 Sep 2011
Julien Legrand
IFREMER engineer Julien Legrand with Tempo-Mini.
Tempo-Mini backside
Tempo-mini from behind
Tempo-Mini arms
Tempo-Mini with light arms extended.
Tempo-Mini installed with RAS and BARS
Tempo-Mini RAS and BARS.
Tempo-Mini with lights
Tempo-mini with lights on beneath RAS
Tempo-Mini animals
Typical animals seen at hot vents in Tempo-Mini view.