Instrument Platform Details

North RCM Platform

North RCMThis platform supports the northeast regional circulation mooring, the northwest regional circulation mooring, a short-period seismometer and a bottom pressure recorder at our Endeavour Ridge location. Future installations will connect the planned northwest regional circulation mooring and an extension cable to the West Endeavour seismic study site.

Initial installation of this platform in the fall of 2010 was challenging. The instrument platform was deployed and the 4.6km cable linking it to the Endeavour node was laid without complications. Sadly, after the connection was made, power levels on the cable were good, but our on-land team could not communicate with the junction-box on the instrument platform. Subsequent tests and troubleshooting could not solve the communications problem, and a second cable was laid to connect this platform to Endeavour node. Both cables are shown in the map below.

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Instruments on this platform

(There are no instruments affixed to this platform.)

Instruments positioned nearby


Connected to Endeavour Ridge node on 2 Oct 2010 from the R/V Thompson.

  • Depth: 2154.0m
  • Lat: 47°58.4061'N
  • Lon: -129°04.9177'W
Overview map showing mooring locations at Endeavour Ridge. (Click to enlarge.)


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instrument platform
Instrument Platform for the northern regional circulation moorings at Endeavour.
Short-period seismometer installation.
seismometer installation
Seismometer installation.
mooring base
Endeavour North Autonomous BPR In Position, October 2010.
Platform layout, June 2012.
cable cutting
Chopping the defunct cable, October 2010.