Instrument Platform Details

NE Regional Circulation Mooring

Northeast RCMThis is the first of 4 circulation moorings, which together will help scientists measure currents within the axial rift valley of Endeavour Ridge at the regional scale, and to gauge the effect of hydrothermal venting on those regional currents.

The mooring is composed of 3 different types of instruments affixed at varying depths along a cable extending from the seafloor upward 267m. Together, these instruments measure deep-sea current velocity in 3-dimensions as well as the physical properties (temperature and salinity) of the water. The top of the mooring line (267m from the seafloor and 1890m below the ocean surface) is lifted by a large buoy, keeping the line vertical at all times.

Instruments on this platform

The upper-most instrument, positioned at 1904m, is an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP). The ADCP can estimate currents up to 800m above the sea floor. Below this, four instrument pairs are positioned at 1954m, 2029m, 2104m, and 2149m in depth down the mooring line. Each pair includes a Conductivity Temperature and Depth (CTD) sensor and an Acoustic Current Meter (ACM). The RCM is anchored to the sea floor by a 650kg weight at 2154m in depth.

Instrument List

Instruments positioned nearby

There are no satellite instruments attached to this mooring.


Connected to Endeavour Ridge node on 19 Jun 2012 from the CCGS Tully.

  • Depth: 2158.0m
  • Lat: 47°58.4223'N
  • Lon: 129°04.9388'W
Overview map showing mooring locations at Endeavour Ridge. (Click to enlarge.)


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mooring components
Various components and their positions on the Regional Circulation Mooring.
Schematic drawing of the NE RCM
mooring base
Connection panel and anchor fastener at base.