Instrument Platform Details

Folger Pinnacle

Folger Pinnacle platform from above.

On 28 August 2010, a unique and exciting new platform was installed by a dive team in 23m of water atop a rock outcrop adjacent to Folger Passage. It took a flatbed truck, four boats and their crews, multiple ROVs and multiple dive teams to get it installed! This platform will help scientists study sea life and ocean processes in a high-energy, near-shore, hardground environment.

Instruments on this platform

Instruments positioned nearby

(There are no satellite instruments attached to this platform.)


Connected to Folger Passage node on 29 Aug 2012 from the Harbour Clearwater.

  • Depth: 23.0m
  • Lat: 48.80829N
  • Lon: 125.2815W
  • Heading: 30.0°
Overview map showing platforms and instruments in the Folger Passage area. (Click to enlarge.)


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Folger Pinnacle platform
Folger Pinnacle instrument before deployment.
Folger pinnacle wet test.
Folger pinnacle platform wet testing.
Folger Pinnacle platform from below
Folger Pinnacle platform from below.
3D Grasshopper camera array.
3D Grasshopper camera array.
3D Grasshopper camera array
3D Grasshopper camera array after wet testing.
PAR instrument
Photosynthetically Active Radiometer (PAR)
Sidus HD camera
Sidus HD video camera on the Folger Pinnacle platform.
600 kHz ADCP
RDI 600 kHz ADCP.
Folger pinnacle fluorometer.
Folger pinnacle fluorometer.