Instrument Platform Details

POGO Vertical Profiler System

POGO on seafloorThe POGO (Profiling OceanoGraphic Observatory--formerly known as 'VPS') is a mobile instrument platform. It consists of a seafloor base unit and a tethered float. A winch on the base unit raises and lowers the float, which bristles with instrumentation for monitoring:

  • salinity
  • temperature
  • dissolved gases and nutrients
  • currents
  • plankton and fish concentrations, and
  • marine mammal movements

POGO is designed for installation at a depth of 396m. Cable spooled on the platform is long enough for the float to extend to the surface, allowing scientists to capture data throughout the water column.

Malfunction and Recovery

After deployment in August 2009, a significant problem developed: the instrument float could be extended upward, but it could not be retracted back down to the base platform. Our only recourse was to recover POGO and bring it back to Victoria for repairs. This was done during the May 2010 installation & maintenance cruise.

POGO was re-deployed for several weeks in September 2010, but a connector problem rendered it inoperable. It was then recovered by the R/V Thomas G Thompson in late September 2010. Then, in May 2012, POGO was successfully deployed and began regular data collection operations there.

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Instruments on this platform


Instruments positioned nearby

POGO's base platform has two cameras and some other sensors associated with the mechanical assembly, but all scientific sensors are affixed to the profiler float unit.


Connected to Barkley Slope/Canyon node on 28 May 2012 from the R/V Thompson.

  • Depth: 396.0m
  • Lat: 48°25.6424'N
  • Lon: 126°10.4476'W
Overview map showing platforms and instruments in the Barkley Upper Slope area. (Click to enlarge.)


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Vps Float Instruments
Instruments on one side of the float.
POGO Float Instruments
Instruments on another side of the float.
POGO Float Instruments
Instruments on a third side of the float.

VPS wet test
Profiler wet test.

Float top.
Top of POGO instrument float.

POGO on seafloor
Profiler on seafloor.