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Our annual workshops are opportunities for present and future scientists from a wide range of institutions, countries and disciplines to meet, collaborate and shape NEPTUNE Canada's future.

Folger Passage and Barkley Sound Workshop

28 May 2013: Folger Passage / Barkley Sound Workshop

This workshop will focus on research done at Folger Passage and Barkley Sound. It will bring together existing and new researchers to discuss present status, results and future opportunities for collaborative and cross-disciplinary projects.

The goals of the workshop are to:

  • Report on current state of the Folger Passage node and instruments
  • Highlight the current research activities
  • Facilitate an instrument, data, and sampling discussion
  • Discuss potential new projects and collaborations

Please confirm by 10 May 2013 to if you are able to join the workshop. Limited funding is available to support participants travel who either:

  1. Present results using ONC data (10-minute presentation or poster), or
  2. Provide a 1-page white paper on proposed research.
  3. For funding consideration, please email a one page summary of your contribution, which also indicates whether it is a presentation, white paper or poster.

    CORK Connections Workshop

    2 Dec 2012: CORK Connections Workshop

    This workshop provides a forum for participants to discuss interdisciplinary opportunities that would be enabled by extending power and communications/data transmission from the NEPTUNE network to CORKs at IODP 1027 deep-sea site on the eastern flank of the Juan de Fuca Ridge - a remote and dynamic ocean environment. Discussions will include potential instrumentation, technological and logistical issues, funding, proposed process, and timeline.


    Endeavour Hydrothermal Systems Workshop

    1 Dec 2012: Endeavour Hydrothermal Systems Workshop

    This workshop will provide an overview of the NEPTUNE Canada installation to date, describe opportunities for coordination, summarize current research results, and present future expansion plans. Further discussion will address the following questions:

    • Is this infrastructure providing data to answer the core science questions?
    • How will the future expansion plans address these questions?
    • What other research questions (and associated infrastructure) should be addressed in the Endeavour area?
    • What other research efforts should be linked with NEPTUNE Canada to further our understanding of mid-ocean ridges?
    • What research efforts can be furthered as a collaboration between NEPTUNE Canada and the Ocean Observatories Initiative to further our understanding of mid-ocean ridges?


    Ocean Observatory Workshop

    13-14 Nov 2012: Ocean Observatory Workshop

    The workshop, co-sponsored by Dalhousie University and Ocean Networks Canada, will provide researchers and students with hands-on training in accessing and visualizing data from the NEPTUNE Canada and VENUS undersea networks. Workshop participants will discuss current and future observatory research in the areas of benthic ecology, benthic boundary layer dynamics, water column studies, modeling of physical and biological processes and acoustic monitoring of bedform dynamics.


    7 Nov 2011: Middle Valley Workshop

    NEPTUNE Canada currently has five operating and instrumented nodes on its undersea network with a sixth site, at Middle Valley on the Juan de Fuca Ridge, ready for installation of a node module. The goals of the workshop were to review known and emerging research opportunities at Middle Valley and to develop a phased instrumentation plan that could be implemented once connectivity was available at the site.

    Workshop Report

    June 2011: NEPTUNE Canada Workshop

    Workshop 2011

    NEPTUNE Canada's annual workshop is set for June 2-4 2011 in Victoria. This workshop is a forum for existing and new researchers to discuss the present status of the undersea network, communicate research results, and define future directions.

    Workshop Report

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    Background & Outline

    April 2010: NEPTUNE Canada Workshop

    Presenters at the April 2010 workshop

    Our 2010 NEPTUNE Canada workshop was held 12-14 April in Victoria, BC. Scientists to discussed early findings from their research, proposed improvements to data products and tools and started planning for the next batch of science initiatives.

    Agenda, documents, discussions, presentations

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    February 2009: NEPTUNE Canada Workshop

    NEPTUNE Canada deployment and data planning workshop Feb/09.

    The first NEPTUNE Canada workshop occurred 14-16 February 2009 at the University of Victoria. Over 25 scientists involved in 11 core research projects shared updates and worked out many details to prepare for the installation cruises of 2009. In addition, participants were given sneek peeks of software protypes belonging to our Oceans 2.0 development effort.

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    Agenda, presentations, documents

    September 2008: Data Interoperability Workshop

    MBARI's John Graybeal discusses data interoperability at a DMAS-sponsored workshop, Sept/08.

    Specialists from several leading institutions gathered at the University of Victoria to explore a way forward for ocean data interoperability.

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