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Teen Spots Hagfish-Slurping Elephant Seal

Posted 23-Jan-13

Kirill Dudko, a 14-yr old living in Donetsk, Ukraine, noticed an unusual event in our live video stream: an elephant seal eating a hagfish at 894 m.

Play Digital Fishers

Posted 16-Dec-11

Over our first two years of operations, NEPTUNE Canada has recorded thousands of hours of video, both during installation dives and from underwater cameras installed across our subsea network. All this video needs to be studied. But it’s a daunting task for scientists to view so much footage and describe what they see – this is where you can help.

Improving Data Analysis With IBM Streams

Posted 31-May-11

Ocean Networks Canada Centre for Enterprise & Engagement (ONCCEE), in co-operation with IBM, is striving to implement new software for real-time analysis of video data.

Folger Pinnacle Connected

Posted 07-Feb-11

Our Folger Pinnacle instrument platform is now up and running after a team of divers plugged in the extension cable connecting it to our network last week.

Fall 2010 Cruise Recap

Posted 13-Oct-10

During one month at sea, we added 2 transmission cables and 26 new instruments to our seafloor observatory.

Mobile Apps Released

Posted 17-Sep-10

The ocean is at your fingertips and even in your pocket with our latest mobile applications.

Fall Installation Preparations

Posted 24-Aug-10

NEPTUNE Canada staff, contractors and partners have been super busy this summer, preparing our August-October installations.

May 2010 Cruise Recap

Posted 07-Jun-10

Our Spring 2010 installation & maintenance cruise sailed May 8-24 aboard the CCGS John P Tully.

Workshop Stimulates Discussion

Posted 16-Apr-10

Scientists, students, technicians and computer programmers converged on Victoria this week.

New Deep-sea Ecology Blog

Posted 19-Feb-10

Graduate student Katleen Robert has started up a new blog on Deep-sea Ecology.

NEPTUNE Canada Goes Live

Posted 15-Dec-09

The big day finally arrived, and with the click of a mouse, NEPTUNE Canada went live.

Recent News Coverage

Posted 05-Dec-09

NEPTUNE Canada captured the attention of two national and international media outlets in November.

Shaw Ocean Discovery Center Opens

Posted 23-Jun-09

Sidney BC is now home to an exciting new aquarium and marine education centre focusing on the Salish Sea.

Underwater Camera Tested

Posted 05-Jun-09

A hollow-centred buoy is the scene of test deployments for a high-resolution underwater camera.

Website gets face-lift

Posted 19-Oct-08

The NEPTUNE Canada website has a new look, but this is just the start!

Instrument platform deployed in Saanich Inlet

Posted 03-Oct-08

A newly configured instrument platform was successfully deployed in Saanich Inlet last Sunday. With all instruments up and running, data are beginning to flow.

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