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Negligible Tsunami from Alaska Earthquake

Posted 05-Jan-13

Strong earthquake in coastal southern Alaska produced no damaging tsunami.

New App for Coastal Protection

Posted 29-Nov-12

You can help keep our West Coast clean and safe by reporting marine debris via Coastbuster for Android.

Haida Gwaii Earthquake and Tsunami

Posted 28-Oct-12

A powerful earthquake that struck the Haida Gwaii archipelago on 28 October 2012 generated seismic and wave data measured by NEPTUNE Canada instruments.

Tale of Two Tsunamis

Posted 05-Sep-12

Research publish detailed comparison of 2 major Chilean tsunamis of 1960 and 2010.

Tilting at Boreholes

Posted 14-Feb-12

High-precision tiltmeters and absolute pressure guages will help scientists gain insight into strains building up within the Cascadia subduction zone.

Tsunami sensed as it approached BC

Posted 11-Mar-11

NEPTUNE Canada sensors helped scientists determine the timing and size of the Japan tsunami as it reached Canada’s West Coast earlier today.

Workshop Stimulates Discussion

Posted 16-Apr-10

Scientists, students, technicians and computer programmers converged on Victoria this week.

Chilean Earthquake and Tsunami

Posted 04-Mar-10

Saturday, Feb. 27 2010, 0634UTC, a magnitude 8.8 earthquake occurred off the coast of Chile.

Samoan Tsunami Detected

Posted 20-Oct-09

Scientists have used our deep-sea tsunami array to detect and analyze a tsunami generated by the 29 September 2009 Samoa earthquake.

NEPTUNE Canada contributes to “permanent” Tsunami Centre in Port Alberni

Posted 20-Jul-09

On Friday, July 17, 2009 NEPTUNE Canada, with support from Ocean Networks Canada, contributed to a permanent Tsunami Centre in the Hutcheson Gallery at 2750 Harbour Road, Port Alberni, BC.

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