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Dumpster Days are Numbered

Posted 18-Jan-12

Ground has been broken and construction is now underway on a new test tank and storage facility.

UT Researchers Ready Instruments

Posted 20-Aug-09

Collaborators from the University of Toronto toiled in lab, shop and sun, as they readied their instruments for deployment during our next installation cruise.

Media Converters Configured

Posted 18-Jun-09

We're working our way through several boxes full of media converters, configuring them for installation across our network this summer.

2nd round of VPS tests

Posted 15-Jun-09

Sporting a new set of angled blue bumpers, NEPTUNE Canada’s Vertical Profiler System took a second test dip in 7m of water.

Underwater Camera Tested

Posted 05-Jun-09

A hollow-centred buoy is the scene of test deployments for a high-resolution underwater camera.

New Centre of Excellence Established

Posted 17-Mar-09

Ocean Networks Canada will join a select network of Centres of Excellence for Commercialization and Research after receiving an award of $6.6 million.

Vertical Profiler System arrives from Japan

Posted 10-Nov-08

One of NEPTUNE Canada’s most exciting instrument platforms arrived from Japan this month.

First junction boxes arrive

Posted 05-Sep-08

NEPTUNE Canada’s first two production junction boxes were delivered to the Marine Technology Centre in Saanich on 20 August 2008.

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