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Haida Gwaii Earthquake and Tsunami

Posted 28-Oct-12

A powerful earthquake that struck the Haida Gwaii archipelago on 28 October 2012 generated seismic and wave data measured by NEPTUNE Canada instruments.

Seismic Shift in Whale Studies

Posted 21-Feb-12

Surprisingly it appears that the movements and distributions of fin whales in the North Pacific can be tracked by studying seismic data.

Hydrate Growth at Bullseye Vent?

Posted 09-Dec-11

University of Toronto researchers Lisa Roach and Nigel Edwards are trying to determine if gas hydrate outcrops grow over time by looking at the Bullseye Vent at our ODP 889 location.

Tsunami sensed as it approached BC

Posted 11-Mar-11

NEPTUNE Canada sensors helped scientists determine the timing and size of the Japan tsunami as it reached Canada’s West Coast earlier today.

Fall 2010 Cruise Recap

Posted 13-Oct-10

During one month at sea, we added 2 transmission cables and 26 new instruments to our seafloor observatory.

Observatory and Data Commissioning

Posted 26-Mar-10

From the outside, it may have appeared that not much was happening with us fall.

2010 Installation Plans

Posted 19-Mar-10

Two maintenance and installation cruises are planned for 2010.

Chilean Earthquake and Tsunami

Posted 04-Mar-10

Saturday, Feb. 27 2010, 0634UTC, a magnitude 8.8 earthquake occurred off the coast of Chile.

Installation Cruise Success

Posted 24-Sep-09

After a busy summer of operations, our 2009 installation cruises have drawn to a close.

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