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Teen Spots Hagfish-Slurping Elephant Seal

Posted 23-Jan-13

Kirill Dudko, a 14-yr old living in Donetsk, Ukraine, noticed an unusual event in our live video stream: an elephant seal eating a hagfish at 894 m.

Invitation to Science

Posted 15-Oct-12

Our latest publication is now available in print, downloadable pdf and iBook formats.

Digital Fishing Derby

Posted 01-Aug-12

For the next two months, we're inviting everyone to join a Digital Fishing competition.

Super Digital Fisher Contributes 10000 Annotations

Posted 25-Mar-12

Citizen scientist Harold Smith has now contributed over 10,000 annotations to our video database.

Folger Pinnacle Frontiers

Posted 22-Aug-11

From August 2-4, 2011, NEPTUNE Canada teamed up with Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre and Pelagic Technologies to visit our network's shallowest site - Folger Pinnacle.

July 2011 Mid-cruise Update

Posted 18-Jul-11

Summary of first half of our installation and maintenance cruise (July 13 -17). Find out what we've accomplished so far!

Heading Out to Sea

Posted 29-Jun-11

Hang on to your bottom pressure recorders, the crew is about to embark!

Improving Data Analysis With IBM Streams

Posted 31-May-11

Ocean Networks Canada Centre for Enterprise & Engagement (ONCCEE), in co-operation with IBM, is striving to implement new software for real-time analysis of video data.

2011 Workshop Announced

Posted 14-Mar-11

The 2011 NEPTUNE Canada workshop is set for June 2-4 in Victoria.

Director's Update March 2011

Posted 03-Mar-11

Update by NEPTUNE Canada director Chris Barnes on recent happenings in our neck of the ocean.

Workshop Stimulates Discussion

Posted 16-Apr-10

Scientists, students, technicians and computer programmers converged on Victoria this week.

Director's Update

Posted 25-Feb-10

Going live with the initial data flow on 8 December 2009 was an early Christmas present to all members of our inspired team.

JOIDES Resolution Port Call in Victoria

Posted 06-Jul-09

The JOIDES Resolution is in port for a brief stay in Victoria, and we took the opportunity to take a look.

Shaw Ocean Discovery Center Opens

Posted 23-Jun-09

Sidney BC is now home to an exciting new aquarium and marine education centre focusing on the Salish Sea.

Planning Workshop Held

Posted 20-Feb-09

Participants from the four corners of the continent and across the Atlantic gathered in Victoria last weekend for a busy 3-day workshop.

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