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Tale of Two Tsunamis

Posted 05-Sep-12

Research publish detailed comparison of 2 major Chilean tsunamis of 1960 and 2010.

Using Sound to Visualize Currents

Posted 03-Feb-12

Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers, or ADCPs, are used in our subsea network and other oceanographic applications to measure the various currents at different sites.

Hydrate Growth at Bullseye Vent?

Posted 09-Dec-11

University of Toronto researchers Lisa Roach and Nigel Edwards are trying to determine if gas hydrate outcrops grow over time by looking at the Bullseye Vent at our ODP 889 location.

2011 Workshop: Research and Planning!

Posted 16-Jun-11

Summary of the research, challenges and future initiatives from the June 2011 three-day NEPTUNE Canada Workshop.

2011 Workshop Announced

Posted 14-Mar-11

The 2011 NEPTUNE Canada workshop is set for June 2-4 in Victoria.

Nigel Edwards Honoured

Posted 21-Jul-10

Nigel Edwards, one of the scientists working with NEPTUNE Canada, was recently awarded the J. Tuzo Wilson Medal.

New Centre of Excellence Established

Posted 17-Mar-09

Ocean Networks Canada will join a select network of Centres of Excellence for Commercialization and Research after receiving an award of $6.6 million.

Website gets face-lift

Posted 19-Oct-08

The NEPTUNE Canada website has a new look, but this is just the start!

The Case of the Missing Hydrates

Posted 19-Sep-08

When scientists visited this planned observation site in June 2008, they quickly discovered something was amiss.

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