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Folger Pinnacle Back Online

Posted 26-Oct-12

Recently re-installed, Folger Pinnacle platform is now connected and streaming data and video from 23 m below sea level in Folger Passage.

Installation ships to set sail

Posted 03-Jul-09

Esquimalt Graving Dock was bustling with activity as celebrants gathered to watch equipment loaded onto the C/S Lodbrog and the R/V Atlantis.

Director's Update

Posted 10-Apr-09

This year should prove to be a benchmark for NEPTUNE Canada.

Engineering Update

Posted 20-Jan-09

One of the challenges of developing technology is the unpredictability.

Node and junction box play nice together

Posted 08-Aug-08

At the end of July, the first OceanWorks junction box took a trip to the UK for node-junction box integration testing.

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