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Folger Pinnacle Re-installed

Posted 18-Sep-12

Folger Pinnacle instrument platform was recently reinstalled with the help from many of our skilled friends.

Folger Pinnacle Frontiers

Posted 22-Aug-11

From August 2-4, 2011, NEPTUNE Canada teamed up with Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre and Pelagic Technologies to visit our network's shallowest site - Folger Pinnacle.

Cruise End!

Posted 29-Jul-11

Highlights and summary of our July 2011 installation and maintenance cruise.

Mobile Apps Released

Posted 17-Sep-10

The ocean is at your fingertips and even in your pocket with our latest mobile applications.

Fall Installation Preparations

Posted 24-Aug-10

NEPTUNE Canada staff, contractors and partners have been super busy this summer, preparing our August-October installations.

Improved Search Tool Unveiled

Posted 23-Jun-10

A new and improved data search utility is now available on our website.

Installation ships to set sail

Posted 03-Jul-09

Esquimalt Graving Dock was bustling with activity as celebrants gathered to watch equipment loaded onto the C/S Lodbrog and the R/V Atlantis.

2nd round of VPS tests

Posted 15-Jun-09

Sporting a new set of angled blue bumpers, NEPTUNE Canada’s Vertical Profiler System took a second test dip in 7m of water.

Test Deployment Proves Instructive

Posted 12-Mar-09

For the most part, instruments performed as expected, but there were some malfunctions and surprises too.

Director's Update

Posted 09-Jan-09

NEPTUNE Canada director Chris Barnes provides an update on current activities, plans and meetings.

Installation Preparations Move Forward

Posted 12-Dec-08

A lot of effort has been going into pulling together all the pieces for next summer’s instrument installation.

Vertical Profiler System arrives from Japan

Posted 10-Nov-08

One of NEPTUNE Canada’s most exciting instrument platforms arrived from Japan this month.

Instrument platform deployed in Saanich Inlet

Posted 03-Oct-08

A newly configured instrument platform was successfully deployed in Saanich Inlet last Sunday. With all instruments up and running, data are beginning to flow.

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