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New Eye for Wally

Posted 02-Oct-12

Upgraded camera and imaging systems on Wally the benthic crawler offer new and surprising views of benthic ecosystem dynamics in the gas hydrates outcrops.

Methane Flux in Barkley Canyon

Posted 27-Aug-12

Researchers in Germany and Canada have been making heavy use of Wally and the unique data this deep-sea crawler gathers among the gas hydrates outcrops of Barkley Canyon.

Hydrate Growth at Bullseye Vent?

Posted 09-Dec-11

University of Toronto researchers Lisa Roach and Nigel Edwards are trying to determine if gas hydrate outcrops grow over time by looking at the Bullseye Vent at our ODP 889 location.

Fall Installation Preparations

Posted 24-Aug-10

NEPTUNE Canada staff, contractors and partners have been super busy this summer, preparing our August-October installations.

Nigel Edwards Honoured

Posted 21-Jul-10

Nigel Edwards, one of the scientists working with NEPTUNE Canada, was recently awarded the J. Tuzo Wilson Medal.

Wally's "world tour"

Posted 06-Jan-10

NEPTUNE Canada researchers from Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany recently drove Wally the Crawler on its first deep-sea scientific walkabout.

UT Researchers Ready Instruments

Posted 20-Aug-09

Collaborators from the University of Toronto toiled in lab, shop and sun, as they readied their instruments for deployment during our next installation cruise.

The Case of the Missing Hydrates

Posted 19-Sep-08

When scientists visited this planned observation site in June 2008, they quickly discovered something was amiss.

Crawler Goes Deep

Posted 27-Jun-08

NEPTUNE Canada's new crawler went for a successful test crawl in the hydrate outcrops of Barkley Canyon (850 m).

Crawler Debut

Posted 13-Jun-08

NEPTUNE Canada's newest supertool arrived from Germany this month. The world's first "Internet-operated deep-sea crawler" will help researchers measure temperature, salinity, methane content and sediment characteristics at the seafloor.

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