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Tilting at Boreholes

Posted 14-Feb-12

High-precision tiltmeters and absolute pressure guages will help scientists gain insight into strains building up within the Cascadia subduction zone.

2011 Workshop: Research and Planning!

Posted 16-Jun-11

Summary of the research, challenges and future initiatives from the June 2011 three-day NEPTUNE Canada Workshop.

Director's Report May 2011

Posted 17-May-11

Chris Barnes' (Director, NEPTUNE Canada) update on funding options, the June NC workshop, and summer cruises.

Director's Update March 2011

Posted 03-Mar-11

Update by NEPTUNE Canada director Chris Barnes on recent happenings in our neck of the ocean.

Director's Update

Posted 25-Feb-10

Going live with the initial data flow on 8 December 2009 was an early Christmas present to all members of our inspired team.

New Funding Announced

Posted 29-Oct-09

New funding has been awarded by CANARIE to support some exciting new approaches to data collection and analysis.

Installation ships to set sail

Posted 03-Jul-09

Esquimalt Graving Dock was bustling with activity as celebrants gathered to watch equipment loaded onto the C/S Lodbrog and the R/V Atlantis.

New Centre of Excellence Established

Posted 17-Mar-09

Ocean Networks Canada will join a select network of Centres of Excellence for Commercialization and Research after receiving an award of $6.6 million.

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