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Folger Pinnacle Back Online

Posted 26-Oct-12

Recently re-installed, Folger Pinnacle platform is now connected and streaming data and video from 23 m below sea level in Folger Passage.

Digital Fishing Derby

Posted 01-Aug-12

For the next two months, we're inviting everyone to join a Digital Fishing competition.

Digital Fishers: New Mission

Posted 06-Jun-12

Your new mission, should you choose to accept (and we hope you will!), is to investigate the sea bottom looking for trawl marks and a new feature: thornyhead rockfish.

Sediment Mix-Masters

Posted 29-May-12

The seafloor is home to a variety of benthic organisms that spend much, if not all, of their time on the bottom sliding along or ploughing through sediment. This process by which organisms mix up sediment is known as bioturbation, and it is ecologically important because it influences nutrient recycling and other biogeochemical processes on the seafloor.

Super Digital Fisher Contributes 10000 Annotations

Posted 25-Mar-12

Citizen scientist Harold Smith has now contributed over 10,000 annotations to our video database.

Play Digital Fishers

Posted 16-Dec-11

Over our first two years of operations, NEPTUNE Canada has recorded thousands of hours of video, both during installation dives and from underwater cameras installed across our subsea network. All this video needs to be studied. But it’s a daunting task for scientists to view so much footage and describe what they see – this is where you can help.

Crowd Truthing Experiment

Posted 20-Apr-11

Can "crowd sourcing" be harnessed to identify and classify fish swimming through our extensive underwater video archive?

Acoustic Colour Vision

Posted 19-Jan-11

Rich Pawlowicz is using underwater acoustic vision to study fish, plankton and bubbles in Folger Passage.

Installation Cruise Success

Posted 24-Sep-09

After a busy summer of operations, our 2009 installation cruises have drawn to a close.

DMAS Update

Posted 18-Apr-09

The DMAS team continues to advance steadily on multiple fronts.

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