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Posted 18-Jul-12

POGO vertical profile system is alive and well, gathering data from Barkley Upper Slope.

Hands-on Data Delving

Posted 30-Mar-12

Our first in a series of technical workshops was held on March 8th at the University of British Columbia’s Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences in Vancouver.

Happy 2nd Birthday to Us!

Posted 08-Dec-11

Two years ago today, NEPTUNE Canada started live online delivery of data from our seafloor network.

Folger Pinnacle Frontiers

Posted 22-Aug-11

From August 2-4, 2011, NEPTUNE Canada teamed up with Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre and Pelagic Technologies to visit our network's shallowest site - Folger Pinnacle.

2011 Workshop: Research and Planning!

Posted 16-Jun-11

Summary of the research, challenges and future initiatives from the June 2011 three-day NEPTUNE Canada Workshop.

Improving Data Analysis With IBM Streams

Posted 31-May-11

Ocean Networks Canada Centre for Enterprise & Engagement (ONCCEE), in co-operation with IBM, is striving to implement new software for real-time analysis of video data.

Crowd Truthing Experiment

Posted 20-Apr-11

Can "crowd sourcing" be harnessed to identify and classify fish swimming through our extensive underwater video archive?

Mobile Apps Released

Posted 17-Sep-10

The ocean is at your fingertips and even in your pocket with our latest mobile applications.

Improved Search Tool Unveiled

Posted 23-Jun-10

A new and improved data search utility is now available on our website.

267,000 and counting...

Posted 06-May-10

In our first few months of operations, we recorded 267,000 data files and our dataset has grown to 4.4 terabytes.

Workshop Stimulates Discussion

Posted 16-Apr-10

Scientists, students, technicians and computer programmers converged on Victoria this week.

Observatory and Data Commissioning

Posted 26-Mar-10

From the outside, it may have appeared that not much was happening with us fall.

NEPTUNE Canada Goes Live

Posted 15-Dec-09

The big day finally arrived, and with the click of a mouse, NEPTUNE Canada went live.

Planning Workshop Held

Posted 20-Feb-09

Participants from the four corners of the continent and across the Atlantic gathered in Victoria last weekend for a busy 3-day workshop.

Oceans 2.0 Project now Underway

Posted 19-Dec-08

NEPTUNE Canada's DMAS team is now actively developing "Oceans 2.0", an exciting new CANARIE-funded initiative.

Installation Preparations Move Forward

Posted 12-Dec-08

A lot of effort has been going into pulling together all the pieces for next summer’s instrument installation.

Data Interoperability Workshop

Posted 28-Nov-08

Specialists from several leading institutions gathered in Victoria to explore a way forward for ocean data interoperability.

Website gets face-lift

Posted 19-Oct-08

The NEPTUNE Canada website has a new look, but this is just the start!

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