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Methane Flux in Barkley Canyon

Posted 27-Aug-12

Researchers in Germany and Canada have been making heavy use of Wally and the unique data this deep-sea crawler gathers among the gas hydrates outcrops of Barkley Canyon.

Fall 2010 Cruise Recap

Posted 13-Oct-10

During one month at sea, we added 2 transmission cables and 26 new instruments to our seafloor observatory.

Wally's "world tour"

Posted 06-Jan-10

NEPTUNE Canada researchers from Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany recently drove Wally the Crawler on its first deep-sea scientific walkabout.

Installation Cruise Success

Posted 24-Sep-09

After a busy summer of operations, our 2009 installation cruises have drawn to a close.

Summer '09 Installation, Leg 1

Posted 04-Sep-09

The first leg of our summer 2009 installation is coming to a close soon.

Welcome Willkommen Wally

Posted 24-Jul-09

The deep-sea crawler aka "Wally" has arrived in Victoria for a final round of integration-testing before its deployment at Barkley Canyon later this summer.

DMAS Update

Posted 18-Apr-09

The DMAS team continues to advance steadily on multiple fronts.

Crawler Goes Deep

Posted 27-Jun-08

NEPTUNE Canada's new crawler went for a successful test crawl in the hydrate outcrops of Barkley Canyon (850 m).

Crawler Debut

Posted 13-Jun-08

NEPTUNE Canada's newest supertool arrived from Germany this month. The world's first "Internet-operated deep-sea crawler" will help researchers measure temperature, salinity, methane content and sediment characteristics at the seafloor.

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