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New App for Coastal Protection

Posted 29-Nov-12

You can help keep our West Coast clean and safe by reporting marine debris via Coastbuster for Android.

Folger Pinnacle Re-installed

Posted 18-Sep-12

Folger Pinnacle instrument platform was recently reinstalled with the help from many of our skilled friends.

Tilting at Boreholes

Posted 14-Feb-12

High-precision tiltmeters and absolute pressure guages will help scientists gain insight into strains building up within the Cascadia subduction zone.

Dumpster Days are Numbered

Posted 18-Jan-12

Ground has been broken and construction is now underway on a new test tank and storage facility.

Happy 2nd Birthday to Us!

Posted 08-Dec-11

Two years ago today, NEPTUNE Canada started live online delivery of data from our seafloor network.

Tempo-Mini Inhabits the Hot Vents

Posted 30-Nov-11

Meet Tempo-Mini, the newest instrument platform at Main Endeavour.

July 2011 Mid-cruise Update

Posted 18-Jul-11

Summary of first half of our installation and maintenance cruise (July 13 -17). Find out what we've accomplished so far!

Heading Out to Sea

Posted 29-Jun-11

Hang on to your bottom pressure recorders, the crew is about to embark!

2011 Workshop: Research and Planning!

Posted 16-Jun-11

Summary of the research, challenges and future initiatives from the June 2011 three-day NEPTUNE Canada Workshop.

Improving Data Analysis With IBM Streams

Posted 31-May-11

Ocean Networks Canada Centre for Enterprise & Engagement (ONCCEE), in co-operation with IBM, is striving to implement new software for real-time analysis of video data.

VPS Returns to Sea

Posted 05-May-11

Nobody ever promised this would be easy, especially when it came to installing our one-of-a-kind Vertical Profiler System (VPS).

Crowd Truthing Experiment

Posted 20-Apr-11

Can "crowd sourcing" be harnessed to identify and classify fish swimming through our extensive underwater video archive?

2011 Workshop Announced

Posted 14-Mar-11

The 2011 NEPTUNE Canada workshop is set for June 2-4 in Victoria.

Listening to the Deep

Posted 16-Dec-10

An amazing new website lets you listen in beneath waters of the northeast Pacific, Mediterranean and North Atlantic.

Fall Installation Preparations

Posted 24-Aug-10

NEPTUNE Canada staff, contractors and partners have been super busy this summer, preparing our August-October installations.

Workshop Stimulates Discussion

Posted 16-Apr-10

Scientists, students, technicians and computer programmers converged on Victoria this week.

Canada-US Partnership Inked

Posted 12-Mar-10

US-Canada collaboration on ocean research took a major step forward today with signing of a new Memorandum of Understanding.

Chilean Earthquake and Tsunami

Posted 04-Mar-10

Saturday, Feb. 27 2010, 0634UTC, a magnitude 8.8 earthquake occurred off the coast of Chile.

Director's Update

Posted 25-Feb-10

Going live with the initial data flow on 8 December 2009 was an early Christmas present to all members of our inspired team.

New Deep-sea Ecology Blog

Posted 19-Feb-10

Graduate student Katleen Robert has started up a new blog on Deep-sea Ecology.

Wally's "world tour"

Posted 06-Jan-10

NEPTUNE Canada researchers from Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany recently drove Wally the Crawler on its first deep-sea scientific walkabout.

New Funding Announced

Posted 29-Oct-09

New funding has been awarded by CANARIE to support some exciting new approaches to data collection and analysis.

Installation ships to set sail

Posted 03-Jul-09

Esquimalt Graving Dock was bustling with activity as celebrants gathered to watch equipment loaded onto the C/S Lodbrog and the R/V Atlantis.

2nd round of VPS tests

Posted 15-Jun-09

Sporting a new set of angled blue bumpers, NEPTUNE Canada’s Vertical Profiler System took a second test dip in 7m of water.

Underwater Camera Tested

Posted 05-Jun-09

A hollow-centred buoy is the scene of test deployments for a high-resolution underwater camera.

Vertical Profiler Dips and Floats

Posted 01-May-09

After a flurry of recent activity, NEPTUNE Canada’s eagerly anticipated Vertical Profiler System took its first bath in 7m of water.

Planning Workshop Held

Posted 20-Feb-09

Participants from the four corners of the continent and across the Atlantic gathered in Victoria last weekend for a busy 3-day workshop.

Director's Update

Posted 09-Jan-09

NEPTUNE Canada director Chris Barnes provides an update on current activities, plans and meetings.

Installation Preparations Move Forward

Posted 12-Dec-08

A lot of effort has been going into pulling together all the pieces for next summer’s instrument installation.

Data Interoperability Workshop

Posted 28-Nov-08

Specialists from several leading institutions gathered in Victoria to explore a way forward for ocean data interoperability.

Website gets face-lift

Posted 19-Oct-08

The NEPTUNE Canada website has a new look, but this is just the start!

Instrument platform deployed in Saanich Inlet

Posted 03-Oct-08

A newly configured instrument platform was successfully deployed in Saanich Inlet last Sunday. With all instruments up and running, data are beginning to flow.

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