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Reboot for Water Column Studies

Posted 19-Apr-12

Our Vertical Profiler System (VPS) has not been in the water for over a year; it will be redeployed, after some extensive testing, and even a trip back to Japan to be repaired, during our upcoming summer cruise.

VPS Returns to Sea

Posted 05-May-11

Nobody ever promised this would be easy, especially when it came to installing our one-of-a-kind Vertical Profiler System (VPS).

2nd round of VPS tests

Posted 15-Jun-09

Sporting a new set of angled blue bumpers, NEPTUNE Canada’s Vertical Profiler System took a second test dip in 7m of water.

Underwater Camera Tested

Posted 05-Jun-09

A hollow-centred buoy is the scene of test deployments for a high-resolution underwater camera.

Vertical Profiler Dips and Floats

Posted 01-May-09

After a flurry of recent activity, NEPTUNE Canada’s eagerly anticipated Vertical Profiler System took its first bath in 7m of water.

Test Deployment Proves Instructive

Posted 12-Mar-09

For the most part, instruments performed as expected, but there were some malfunctions and surprises too.

Director's Update

Posted 09-Jan-09

NEPTUNE Canada director Chris Barnes provides an update on current activities, plans and meetings.

Oceans 2.0 Project now Underway

Posted 19-Dec-08

NEPTUNE Canada's DMAS team is now actively developing "Oceans 2.0", an exciting new CANARIE-funded initiative.

Website gets face-lift

Posted 19-Oct-08

The NEPTUNE Canada website has a new look, but this is just the start!

Instrument platform deployed in Saanich Inlet

Posted 03-Oct-08

A newly configured instrument platform was successfully deployed in Saanich Inlet last Sunday. With all instruments up and running, data are beginning to flow.

First junction boxes arrive

Posted 05-Sep-08

NEPTUNE Canada’s first two production junction boxes were delivered to the Marine Technology Centre in Saanich on 20 August 2008.

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