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Sailing in September

Posted 11-Sep-11

NEPTUNE Canada scientists and engineers are sailing again, aboard the R/V Thompson for 3 weeks.

In Memoriam: Karen Tang

Posted 24-May-11

Remembering Karen Tang, a software developer who contributed much to NEPTUNE Canada.

Director's Update

Posted 25-Feb-10

Going live with the initial data flow on 8 December 2009 was an early Christmas present to all members of our inspired team.

Underwater Camera Tested

Posted 05-Jun-09

A hollow-centred buoy is the scene of test deployments for a high-resolution underwater camera.

DMAS Update

Posted 18-Apr-09

The DMAS team continues to advance steadily on multiple fronts.

Oceans 2.0 Project now Underway

Posted 19-Dec-08

NEPTUNE Canada's DMAS team is now actively developing "Oceans 2.0", an exciting new CANARIE-funded initiative.

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