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Teen Spots Hagfish-Slurping Elephant Seal

Posted 23-Jan-13

Kirill Dudko, a 14-yr old living in Donetsk, Ukraine, noticed an unusual event in our live video stream: an elephant seal eating a hagfish at 894 m.

Negligible Tsunami from Alaska Earthquake

Posted 05-Jan-13

Strong earthquake in coastal southern Alaska produced no damaging tsunami.

Methane Flux in Barkley Canyon

Posted 27-Aug-12

Researchers in Germany and Canada have been making heavy use of Wally and the unique data this deep-sea crawler gathers among the gas hydrates outcrops of Barkley Canyon.


Posted 18-Jul-12

POGO vertical profile system is alive and well, gathering data from Barkley Upper Slope.

Wiring the Abyss, Part 2

Posted 05-Jul-12

On June 26, NEPTUNE Canada completed our summer cruise, Wiring the Abyss 2012. Despite challenges with our long cable lays, overall the cruise was a success.

Wiring the Abyss, Part 1

Posted 15-Jun-12

On June 11, NEPTUNE Canada reached the halfway point for Wiring the Abyss 2012, this summer's installation and maintenance cruise.

Digital Fishers: New Mission

Posted 06-Jun-12

Your new mission, should you choose to accept (and we hope you will!), is to investigate the sea bottom looking for trawl marks and a new feature: thornyhead rockfish.

Sediment Mix-Masters

Posted 29-May-12

The seafloor is home to a variety of benthic organisms that spend much, if not all, of their time on the bottom sliding along or ploughing through sediment. This process by which organisms mix up sediment is known as bioturbation, and it is ecologically important because it influences nutrient recycling and other biogeochemical processes on the seafloor.

Reboot for Water Column Studies

Posted 19-Apr-12

Our Vertical Profiler System (VPS) has not been in the water for over a year; it will be redeployed, after some extensive testing, and even a trip back to Japan to be repaired, during our upcoming summer cruise.

Using Sound to Visualize Currents

Posted 03-Feb-12

Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers, or ADCPs, are used in our subsea network and other oceanographic applications to measure the various currents at different sites.

Play Digital Fishers

Posted 16-Dec-11

Over our first two years of operations, NEPTUNE Canada has recorded thousands of hours of video, both during installation dives and from underwater cameras installed across our subsea network. All this video needs to be studied. But it’s a daunting task for scientists to view so much footage and describe what they see – this is where you can help.

September 2011 Cruise Complete

Posted 05-Oct-11

Our fall 2011 installation and maintenance cruise sailed September 10 – 30 aboard the R/V Thompson.

Sailing in September

Posted 11-Sep-11

NEPTUNE Canada scientists and engineers are sailing again, aboard the R/V Thompson for 3 weeks.

Director's Update March 2011

Posted 03-Mar-11

Update by NEPTUNE Canada director Chris Barnes on recent happenings in our neck of the ocean.

Folger Pinnacle Connected

Posted 07-Feb-11

Our Folger Pinnacle instrument platform is now up and running after a team of divers plugged in the extension cable connecting it to our network last week.

Acoustic Colour Vision

Posted 19-Jan-11

Rich Pawlowicz is using underwater acoustic vision to study fish, plankton and bubbles in Folger Passage.

Director's Update

Posted 09-Dec-10

Our first year of operations produced many successes and accomplishments.

Fall Installation Preparations

Posted 24-Aug-10

NEPTUNE Canada staff, contractors and partners have been super busy this summer, preparing our August-October installations.

May 2010 Cruise Recap

Posted 07-Jun-10

Our Spring 2010 installation & maintenance cruise sailed May 8-24 aboard the CCGS John P Tully.

Workshop Stimulates Discussion

Posted 16-Apr-10

Scientists, students, technicians and computer programmers converged on Victoria this week.

New Deep-sea Ecology Blog

Posted 19-Feb-10

Graduate student Katleen Robert has started up a new blog on Deep-sea Ecology.

Wally's "world tour"

Posted 06-Jan-10

NEPTUNE Canada researchers from Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany recently drove Wally the Crawler on its first deep-sea scientific walkabout.

Samoan Tsunami Detected

Posted 20-Oct-09

Scientists have used our deep-sea tsunami array to detect and analyze a tsunami generated by the 29 September 2009 Samoa earthquake.

Installation Cruise Success

Posted 24-Sep-09

After a busy summer of operations, our 2009 installation cruises have drawn to a close.

Summer '09 Installation, Leg 1

Posted 04-Sep-09

The first leg of our summer 2009 installation is coming to a close soon.

Welcome Willkommen Wally

Posted 24-Jul-09

The deep-sea crawler aka "Wally" has arrived in Victoria for a final round of integration-testing before its deployment at Barkley Canyon later this summer.

DMAS Update

Posted 18-Apr-09

The DMAS team continues to advance steadily on multiple fronts.

Google Earth gets Wet

Posted 04-Mar-09

The new oceans layer in Google Earth 5.0 has opened new opportunities to explore our oceans.

Vertical Profiler System arrives from Japan

Posted 10-Nov-08

One of NEPTUNE Canada’s most exciting instrument platforms arrived from Japan this month.

The Case of the Missing Hydrates

Posted 19-Sep-08

When scientists visited this planned observation site in June 2008, they quickly discovered something was amiss.

FAT for the VPS at NGK

Posted 05-Sep-08

Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) of the new Vertical Profiling System (VPS) has been completed at NGK's facility in Saitama, Japan.

First junction boxes arrive

Posted 05-Sep-08

NEPTUNE Canada’s first two production junction boxes were delivered to the Marine Technology Centre in Saanich on 20 August 2008.

Crawler Goes Deep

Posted 27-Jun-08

NEPTUNE Canada's new crawler went for a successful test crawl in the hydrate outcrops of Barkley Canyon (850 m).

Crawler Debut

Posted 13-Jun-08

NEPTUNE Canada's newest supertool arrived from Germany this month. The world's first "Internet-operated deep-sea crawler" will help researchers measure temperature, salinity, methane content and sediment characteristics at the seafloor.

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