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News archives

26-Oct-12    Folger Pinnacle Back Online

15-Oct-12    Invitation to Science

02-Oct-12    New Eye for Wally

05-Sep-12    Tale of Two Tsunamis

01-Aug-12    Digital Fishing Derby

18-Jul-12    Go POGO!

05-Jul-12    Wiring the Abyss, Part 2

15-Jun-12    Wiring the Abyss, Part 1

29-May-12    Sediment Mix-Masters

23-May-12    Marine Life Field Guide

30-Mar-12    Hands-on Data Delving

16-Mar-12    Storm Watching

14-Feb-12    Tilting at Boreholes

18-Jan-12    Dumpster Days are Numbered

16-Dec-11    Play Digital Fishers

08-Dec-11    Happy 2nd Birthday to Us!

11-Sep-11    Sailing in September

22-Aug-11    Folger Pinnacle Frontiers

29-Jul-11    Cruise End!

18-Jul-11    July 2011 Mid-cruise Update

29-Jun-11    Heading Out to Sea

24-May-11    In Memoriam: Karen Tang

17-May-11    Director's Report May 2011

05-May-11    VPS Returns to Sea

20-Apr-11    Crowd Truthing Experiment

14-Mar-11    2011 Workshop Announced

07-Feb-11    Folger Pinnacle Connected

19-Jan-11    Acoustic Colour Vision

16-Dec-10    Listening to the Deep

09-Dec-10    Director's Update

16-Nov-10    New Boreholes Prepared

13-Oct-10    Fall 2010 Cruise Recap

17-Sep-10    Mobile Apps Released

21-Jul-10    Nigel Edwards Honoured

07-Jun-10    May 2010 Cruise Recap

06-May-10    267,000 and counting...

04-May-10    Communications Complicated

19-Mar-10    2010 Installation Plans

12-Mar-10    Canada-US Partnership Inked

25-Feb-10    Director's Update

19-Feb-10    New Deep-sea Ecology Blog

06-Jan-10    Wally's "world tour"

15-Dec-09    NEPTUNE Canada Goes Live

05-Dec-09    Recent News Coverage

29-Oct-09    New Funding Announced

20-Oct-09    Samoan Tsunami Detected

24-Sep-09    Installation Cruise Success

24-Jul-09    Welcome Willkommen Wally

18-Jun-09    Media Converters Configured

15-Jun-09    2nd round of VPS tests

05-Jun-09    Underwater Camera Tested

18-Apr-09    DMAS Update

10-Apr-09    Director's Update

04-Mar-09    Google Earth gets Wet

20-Feb-09    Planning Workshop Held

20-Jan-09    Engineering Update

09-Jan-09    Director's Update

19-Oct-08    Website gets face-lift

05-Sep-08    FAT for the VPS at NGK

05-Sep-08    First junction boxes arrive

27-Jun-08    Junction Box Test Success

27-Jun-08    Crawler Goes Deep

13-Jun-08    Crawler Debut

07-Nov-07    Cable lay complete

20-Oct-05    Alcatel wins contract