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On the last day of the Vector expedition, we have successuly deployed the repaired hydrohone array at 170 m in the Strait of Georgia, recovered autonomous mooring from the Saanich Inlet sill location, and recovered the remaining pig bones from Saanich Inlet.

Read more in Daily Log - October 25, 2013

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September 2011 Cruise Objectives

R/V Thompson
R/V Thomas G. Thompson sailing from Esquimalt harbour. (Click to enlarge.)

Cruise Objectives

Our September 2011 maintenance cruise will sail aboard the R/V Thomas G. Thompson. During this cruise we hope to accomplish the following.

ODP 1027

  • diagnose a cable problem with the piezometer
  • deploy autonomous bottom pressure recorders at three new sites 25km from the ODP 1027 node (DONE)


  • reconnect Main Endeavour vent Field (MEF) to Endeavour node (DONE)
  • replace one short-period seismometer (DONE) and deploy two new ones
  • replace the NE regional circulation mooring
  • install two new circulation moorings (very calm seas required) (1 DONE)
  • deploy Tempo-mini, an exciting new integrated instrument platform developed by our partners at IFREMER at Grotto Vent in the main Endeavour vent field (MEF) (DONE)
  • deploy Benthic And Resistivity Sensors (BARS) devices at MEF (DONE) and Mothra vent field

ODP 889

  • deploy a refurbished Imagenex multibeam sonar (a.k.a. "Kraki") to Bubbly Gulch
  • retrieve a seismometer auxiliary platform
  • download data from CORK 1364A

Barkley Canyon

  • deploy Wally II to the Barkley Hydrates outcrops (DONE)
  • deploy an upgraded temperature probe array to the Barkley Hydrates
  • fetch, clean and re-deploy Barkley Benthic Pod 3 along with a new Kongsberg sonar and an HD video camera system (DONE)
  • swap bottles on the Barkley Benthic Pod 3 sediment trap (DONE)
Julien Legrand with Tempo-mini
IFREMER's Julien Legrand with Tempo-mini. (Click to enlarge.)
Piezometer sections
NE RCM components, 20 Sep 2010. (Click to enlarge.)

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Cruise Updates

The following Twitter updates describe what's happening at sea during our installation and maintenance cruise.

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